Waste Compactors


Waste Compactors for large scale waste disposal are split in to two categories; Static and Portable. However, size, ram force and loading apertures can all vary greatly, so please contact us for a site survey so we can ascertain which machine would be most suitable for your operation.


Static Waste Compactor


This type of compactor is bolted to a suitable concrete base and works in conjunction with all sizes of compaction containers. The system can be individualised to suit exact customer requirements. It works as follows....

1. Waste is loaded into the hopper of the machine

2. The ram within the machine travels forward, compacting waste into the container, then returns ready for more waste to be fed in.

3. A pre-full warning light will illuminate to enable the contractor to be notified for collection

4. The skip or rolonof vehicle will uncouple the container and take it to be emptied.


Portable Waste Compactor


The principle is similar to that of the static compactor. The difference being that the compactor and container are built as one integral unit which is not secured to the base. When full, the contractor picks up the whole unit, takes it for emptying, then returns it to site. Portable compaction is particularly suitable when space is limited or when the waste product is wet. Hotels and Food Processors tend to opt for Portable units